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We Make Custom Boards,That Are Easy On The Environment

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Made of reclaimed wood resources, our boards are individually handmade and look good no matter where they are…tucked under your arm as you climb off the bus, beneath your feet as you carve sweet turns down the driveway, and even leaning against your vintage dining table.

The bumpy, scary ride of yesteryear is gone. Riding an Erickson Longboard is a sweet, smooth ride with big, stable wheels. Think snowboarding in fresh powder, waterskiing on mirrored glass, dropping in on the perfect wave. You get the picture.

Hi I'm Bill

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After living and traveling all over the world, seeking a taste of life’s pleasures, and then finally figuring out what really matters to me, I decided to ditch the nine to five and live my life doing what I love – crafting the finest longboards from sustainable wood and sharing the fun of riding with people just like you.

I care about the Earth, and art, and fitness, and see opportunity for fun at every street corner, every bend in the road.

But the pursuit of fun is just part of it. I’m serious about my craft. These boards are made of wood that has been harvested sustainably or reclaimed. They are individually created works of art.

…And when you ride one, you feel freedom.

Enjoy the Ride !


Long Boards


Cutting Boards


Come find me at Pike Place Market - Seattle !

I’m currently setting up a table at Pike Place Market on Sundays and Mondays, for now… soon I will be there on a more consistent 4-5 day schedule. Stay tuned and/or check the Facebook page for updates.